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the digital platform
to run and grow your business.

Focus on your business.
Arcleviti is here to empower it.

Arcleviti is a private cloud technology platform that provides governance, transparency, accessibility and security over your business-critical information. The Arcleviti Private Cloud Platform is built on the principle that your business data should remain private and secure, integrated within your company and accessible to those that need it.

Arcleviti Private Cloud for Business:

  • Reduces the complexity and vendor lock-in of SaaS applications.

  • Brings your business data into a private hub under your direct ownership and control.

  • Enhances the value of your data with powerful search tools, process automation, and machine learning.

  • Allows you to deploy a vast array of applications for your business.

  • Enables you to get up & running quickly with lower costs than most other public and bare metal solutions.

Build on the technology foundation your business needs to stay competitive.

Arcleviti private cloud solutions are custom-built for each of our customers. Our technology and services are designed to meet an array of security, performance and flexibility demands. Its an enterprise-grade private cloud dedicated for you.

We provide additional value to your business by:

  • Serving a dedicated & modern private cloud architecture across multiple Tier IV data centers and edge services.

  • Implementing modern security management policies, adapted according to your business & regulatory requirements.

  • Carefully curating the best foundational software (security, identity management, database, web server, cross-platform clients, machine learning, networking, and more).

  • Seeking feedback and listening to your users to help your teams collaborate with greater effectiveness.

  • Integrating with major SaaS solutions.

  • Providing indexing and high-speed, intelligent search across all key data sources.

  • Enabling process automation via event stream, batch, and data science processing tools and pipelines.

Plans and Pricing

Let's work together!


EMPATHY: We understand the complexities and cost that come with sprawling technical landscapes.

EXPERTISE: We've redesigned, built and managed large, mission-critical systems for enterprises.

FOCUS: We are prepared to help you through your journey to modern digital solutions for competitive advantage.

TENETS: We are guided by principles of privacy, security and transparent technology partnership.

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